Listen: Unexpected Friends

So you know how my life has kind of just been going down hill for these past couple of days? Two people listened to me today. Two unexpected individuals. The first one, my boss and the second a friend of a friend.

My boss looked at me and just said, “Why are you sulking today?” Weird, because I did my best to put on a big fake smile. Everyone, but him was fooled. People joked and laughed and HE of all people noticed. Before I knew it, I had told my boss about everything and I even told him that I’m seriously debating moving out. He talked to me about it and even gave me advice. Who knew that someone who jokes all the time would be the ear I needed? And when I told him not to gossip and tell others (trust me, in a small place like where I work, word goes fast)…and he said “Duh, I don’t gossip like you girls.” That is by far the truest thing said to me today. 

The second was a friend that I met from a friend. I don’t talk to her much, but she was the first person that I could text. The first person I thought of that don’t gossip and will give support. She told me what I needed to hear…I know sometimes people tell you things you don’t want to hear, trust me, it’s a good thing having someone take your side for once. She consoled me and gave me ideas and even offered help by texting her mother (who almost got scammed sometime ago too). 

Thank God. 

So join my prayer tonight. …I prayed for ears to listen to me and you gave me two sets. I’m in need of strength, so Lord give me the strength to carry on. I don’t want to go home, I just want to run from my problems. But Lord give me the power to walk into that house and give me the voice to say, “No, enough is enough.” Amen,


Raining Down on Me

So the other day, some relatives came to my house wanting to sell insurance. They’ve convinced my parents that you make a fortune selling insurance and that my parents should consider selling with them. That’s when my mom goes all out to tell them that I’m and International Business major. That’s when all theur eyes turned to me and I immediately became a prey of target for them. They took us out to a “presentation” and the whole 5 hours we were there, they just talked about how good their company was and how we have to join them and that there’s nothing to think about.

After the long 5 hour meeting/presentation, they took my license and made me join.they also made my dad join saying that if I buy life insurance, I can buy under him and he’ll make a $900 profit. 

Today, they came in the morning time to talk to me about the process of how we’ll get people to buy insurance and that we have to get people to make money. She was pretty much teaching me how to go scam my family. Not only that, but she told me that I had to buy insurance. So she made me buy it and sign it from her. Meaning she made the money from recuiting me AND selling me a policy.

What kind of (excuse my lanuage) shit money did my dad and I make? Let’s say, -$250 (not including the charge for opening an insurance policy AND the payments I am required to make for the next 10 years). 

What can I do?

I feel like I’m being scammed and used to make money. I feel like I’ll geting nothing from it.

I guess even if you can’t help me, give me a quick prayer. I feel stuck in a tight prison with no escape. No one to tell and talk to. My parents were the ones who forced me into this, my best friend is no longer a friend to me, making up excuses to get mad at me and not talk to me, my only sister has gotten married and have problems of her own. What do I do? I need a guiding hand. Like in the little story “Footprints” I need God to carry me through my weak times. 


Gu Family Last Post (for now)

So guys, I know the drama ended what seemed like years ago.

Did you watch it? How was the ending in your opinion?

I personally cried a lot but the ending was a beautiful one. People say there’s a second one, but I do not know myself. 

I’m proud to say that all the people around me, who I mentioned in my first post that hated the drama because of it’s time setting…those people, all 6 of them decided to “give it another try”, and boy oh boy let me tell you, they got more hooked than I did.They couldn’t stop talking to me about it and kept asking me if I’ve seen it. They went from not believing me to forgetting I was the one who told them to watch it.

But, like I’ve been saying, if you haven’t seen it, this will be a great time for a drama marathon!!! 

“I didn’t blame you, I just missed you so much. I didn’t hate you, I just loved you so much…” -Gu Wol Ryung

Gu Family Book ep. 5-6

So if you haven’t been watching, it’s not too late to start. Episodes 5 and 6 is getting very interesting and not to mention sad.

Let’s just say that I cried a lot during the sixth episode. Because it is just horribly sad and such and such. I really don’t want to ruin ANYTHING for you guys. Let’s just go with, it’s really really really really really really really really good and you HAVE to watch it as soon as you have the time to. And there’s another character that caught my dear eyes, the character’s name is Gon. Oh my goodness, is he good looking or what. He’s been in the show since Suzy has, but he didn’t speak much until these past episodes. He’s played by actor Bang Sung Jung or I guess as its listed under his profile, just Sung Jung. Oh my goodness, he is a looker. Though I feel like I’ll know his story already. I think we all do, he’s the “nice guy”. That’s okay, as I say to all the nice guys in the dramas I watch, if she doesn’t want you, I’ll take you, you still got me right here. 😀 But please, do go and watch this, it’s great!

I can’t wait until next week to see the next two episodes, it’s gonna be terrific! The story is getting really interesting, and I don’t think that story drags at all. One thing happens right after one another, so you don’t have to skip on anything, accept for the scenes with that horrible old man. The one that ruins everything! :c

Well, onto the list of handsome men for this story:

Gon (Sung Jung)


Gon and Lady Yeo Wool

sung jung

Bang Sung Jung

He is just so handsome. And so young, they make him look quite older in the drama. I’m loving the cast in the drama more and more. I miss Wol Ryung though… He was just handsome, and so innocent. I hope you guys are watching this, because it’s really good. (How many times have I said that now?).

Barefoot Friends *New Show*


Guys, if you haven’t checked this new television show out yet, you need to! It is just absolutely cute…(if that is the right word to use). It airs on Sundays in Korea. We get it subbed about either Monday or Tuesdays (hopefully). But it is adorable!!! I’m watching because it said “Yoon Si Yoon. Kim Hyung Joong. UEE. Eun Hyuk. And other great entertainers.”…I was sold. They got me at Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Hyung Joong and then they just kept adding more and more great names.

I loved watching this first episode because it showed a lot of of scenes with Yoon Si Yoon. This will be his first variety show, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but he is just… >< *I’m in love* Why? You get to hear him laugh a lot, and let me fangirl some more and tell you that he has the cutest laugh and greatest personality. And so, while waiting for new Si Yoon dramas, I will watch this and hopefully grow to love it like “Running Man”.

I saw one some comments that it is kinda like “Running Man”, I have to say, yes, it kinda gives that feel. Though, this casting they used idols, I feel like they are trying to get maybe younger age groups also, because Running Man members (I love them all) are kind of older. They are super funny though, please go watch Running Man on Mondays. That’s when it airs. Anyways Barefoot Friends, they travel to different places in Asia and carry out missions. This week is in Vietnam.

Sundays are for Barefoot Friends.

Mondays are for Running Man.

My week is getting more and more complete.

barefoot friends

Cast from left to right: Yoo Se Yoon, Kim Hyung Joong, Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Si Yoon, Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jong Shin, UEE and Eun Hyuk.

Gu Family Book Update ep. 3-4

OMG, guys, you have to start watching, it’s so good! Let’s just say Suzy and Seung Gi are my new favorite couple. Why didn’t I think of them before? I finished episode 4 last night and had a little freak out, because it got so good, and then BOOM! The picture freezes and that’s the end of the episode and you have to wait for next week. Ugh, don’t you hate it when dramas do that? Well, anyways, just wanted to keep you updated on that. In the mean time, I actually went back and found an older Thai Lakorn (drama) and it’s pretty good, I don’t know if you’ve watch them, but the oldies are always the best. This one I found is called “Tang Parn Kamathep” aka “Cupid’s Pathway” I kinda just clicked a random title and started watching from ep. 6, it’s good, now I have to go watch it from the beginning. Well, go watch either one of them soon. I watch Gu on dramafever or viki (the thing I hate about viki is all the comments, they throw me off, but I recently figured out that I could disable them… As much as I like to talk about dramas, please don’t interrupt me when I’m watching it), and as for Cupid’s, I’m just watching it on youtube. And it’s completed! So that’s it for ya’ll, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written something short, something that people might not be scared away from reading. Haha.

Thanks, and until next time!


Happy Birthday Lee Junki!! And other stuff…

**Note** First off, this is mostly me ranting on and on. Sorry, I didn’t realize that until after I have written it. Sorry again and again.

So today, April 17th was Lee Junki’s birthday. He turned 31!!! I can’t believe it! I became a fan of his a while back, I would say about 5-6 years back. And I remember I was still young, so the one thing I told myself to remember was his birthday. April 17, to me that was always the most pretty date to have a birthday, somehow it fits well together. So years pass and I still remember his birthday. Makes me feel like a creeper, because I don’t know any other celeb’s birthday, but I always remember his. Even my favorite boy band, BIGBANG, I don’t know. I know T.O.P’s is November 3, I think. Because the VIPs at the concert tried to do a birthday event for my baby T.O.P, but it failed, ultimately. Anyways…continuing on, Junki is one of the people I credit for my gateway to loving Kpop, Korean dramas, Korean music (other than pop,.. rnb, rap, indie, etc.), Korean culture, and international cultures and studies as well. Because of these people (the stars that I consider my “gateway drug” because kpop and kdramas are my addiction), I am who I am today. I’ve found interest, and with my wanting to know Korean, I studied Chinese also, leading me to China and Taiwan cultures as well. Letting me actually have a chance to go to China and to go to New York City to see BIGBANG, I just like to think that it’s because of my gateway stars, because if I didn’t find them, I would never of had these experiences in life. I wouldn’t be me. And I might as well, my gateway stars that led me to love Kpop and Kdramas were: Lee Junki, Se7en, Bi Rain,  BoA, DBSK, and BIGBANG. I became a fan when they were at their max (for BIGBANG and DBSK, when they debuted). People ask me, “Why not SUJU?” Simple answer, I don’t hate them, I actually think their music is decent, but it’s because I’m a lazy lazy LAZY person, and when I first started this whole kpop ordeal, SUJU just had too many members for me to comprehend. What was it, there was 13? Correct me if I’m wrong. But yes, laziness takes us down different paths, imagine if I was an ELF and not a Cassie and V.I.P. I Never would have cried my eyes out when DBSK split, I never would have learned everything about DBSK and their music, I never would have been little “gangsta” V.I.P and then “punk” V.I.P and then just “Boomshakala…Wow Fantastic Baby” V.I.P. , I never would have spent so much money to see BIGBANG in person, etc… I like the path I went down. Honestly, I never knew the member’s from SUJU’s names until I started watching “Strong Heart”. Then I realized I like Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk . The only ones I honestly knew were Shin Dong, Siwon, and DongHae (super cute!!).Then there was, …*thinking* Kibum? Ryu? Hageng? Let me stop here, before I get killed from fans, sincerely sorry, I do like them though, Teukie is just so adorable! ><

Okay, so getting back to Lee Junki, I’ve just realized that I’ve gotten older, and as I’ve gotten older, so has my favorite stars. Lee Junki  Just for old time’s sake, this picture on the left here was one of the first pictures I put up on my MySpace page a long long time ago when I first made it. I was just in love with this guy at that time, and also, that was when I was watching “My Girl” and oh gosh, did I love him. I’ve also seen his films “Fly Daddy, Fly” and “Virgin Snow” both very good. I never got myself to finish “The King and the Clown” though. It’s not that I hate watching touchy stuff like that, but I preferred not to at that time. I’m curious about the ending though. I’ve seen Song JiHyo’s “The Snow Flower” and let me tell you, rated R. It got a little too gruesome for me, so I had to close my eyes. The film was very popular and good though. The story was good, watch it if you want to.  Jo In Sung from the recent “That Winter, the Wind Blows” is in there. So is No Min-Woo (Full House Take 2) and Song Joong Ki (Nice Guy). But don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s actually on youtube if you want to see it. Anyways, this was the Lee Junki I fell in love with and put on my MySpace. But time flies, I tell you. Soon he was serving and then before I knew it, he was out. (Actually, no, it felt like he was gone for a long long time, because every time I opened to allkpop, and there was something about Junki, it was always about him and his training). But anyways, he came back and is climaxing back up to where he was when he left, lots of dramas, movies and music. Lee-Jun-Ki2I remember one song that I really really liked from him was called “Babo Sarang” (Foolish Love). I have to go back and listen to that, I remember watching a video of him performing that at a fanmeet, did you know how jealous I was? Haha. Well, anyways, wishing Lee Junki a happy birthday, and sorry for all this ranting, half of this article was about what? Super Junior and “The Snow Flower”.  And now I have the song “Mr. Simple” stuck in my head, thank you very much. I hope he has another great year and hope to see more coming from him, though I don’t want him to overwork himself. Good health and take care until next time. I usually don’t post about birthdays, as you can see why. But I felt like I had to for this one, there is a reason I remember April 17 as someone’s birthday. He must’ve been really special for me to remember his birthday like this, for these many years, even as I’ve (guilty) drifted away from being a hardcore fan to being late and not updated about him. Either way, I still really like him. Happy happy birthday! Thank you for being you!


P.S. You guys know how much I love Yoon Shi Yoon right? He actually got recognized because when he went on a t.v. show as FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki (also my love)’s friend, people noticed that he looked a lot like Lee Junki, so I wonder if he is a gateway star to Yoon Shi Yoon also..

Lee Junki

Lee Junki

Yoon Shi Yoon

Yoon Shi Yoon

Okay, so you tell me that they don’t look alike. I just won’t believe it. As soon as I saw Yoon Shi Yoon, I thought of Junki. They’re both different and similar. I prefer Yoon Shi Yoon with brown hair like in The Flower Boy Next door, but this is handsome also. And look, they have their watch on the same wrist, maybe its the same person. Haha, they need to play in a movie where they are twins, I would believe it. Please please star together soon! I will be waiting! How is it that they aren’t related? It is Hyung and Dongsaeng? Well, anyways, time to get back to work, see you soon!

New Drama #1 : Gu Family Book

So, as I have mentioned I want to tell you guys about a couple dramas that are on my watch list. And yes, I’m a little judgemental with these dramas, I started watching and will be watching for the actors and actresses (yes, I’m horrible I know, but…). I just want to say that I’m not one of those people who will sit through a boring drama just because my favorite actors and actresses are in it. There’s been a couple of dramas that I really wish were better, you know. Sometimes they hit the casting right on, but then the story is just horrible. (*rant rant rant*). Anyways, here are two that are on my list, and they should be on yours too! Excited already! ><! Okay, let’s go.


Gu family book

Gu Family Book


So this drama, I’m currently watching right now. Subtitles cannot come fast enough, I’m telling you. If you are impatient you might want to wait til the whole thing is uploaded to watch. But regardless, I want to watch it as it is airing, makes me feel “special”. Feels like I get to almost watch it as it airs in Korea. (I did with Flower Boys Next Door). So this is a story that is set back in time, like way back in time, I don’t think I can give a number, given that I suck with numbers. But it’s listed as historical, fantasy and melodrama. I tried to tell my friends about it, but most of them turned it away because of the time setting of the drama. Please don’t do that, you’ll ruin a good drama, really, discriminating a drama based on time period can be a really bad call. Any ways, it is a story of a half human and half mystical creature (gumiho, I believe) guy named Kang Chi. The first two episodes are actually about his parents, their hard life, their love, betrayal, regrets, and a tearful ending. His dad is a mystical creature that guards the mountain, his name was Wol Ryung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk who also went by Kim Tae Ho before that) and his mom used to be a royal family’s daughter, but her father was framed, labeled a traitor and murdered, leaving her and her brother as state slaves, her name was Seo Hwa (she’s played by actress Lee Yeon Hee). I just loved Wol Ryung… So so much. He loved this human girl with all his heart. Seo Hwa on the other hand, I can’t really say. I felt bad and pitied her sometimes, then I hated her other times, then I felt bad for her again. I liked her but I didn’t like her. It’s hard to explain, if you want to understand, watch it!

Gu Family Book

Seo Hwa

Gu Family Book

Wol Ryung


But anyways, continuing on, when he is born, Kang Chi is left in the care of his dad’s mystical friend and with the last wish of Kang Chi’s mother, the mystical uncle sends Kang Chi down the river to the common people, there, he is adopted and that’s pretty much the family that he spends 20 years with. Later in the story Kang Chi is going to find out what he is, and he is going to try to leave and live a normal life. In doing so, he meets a young martial art master, Dam Yeo Wool. I don’t really know much about this character, why? Because it’s only episode 3 and I’m still waiting. And so, there another love story begins between two beings that were warned not to fall in love. Kang Chi is played by one of my favorite actors (and singers, and MC and everything else, I swear he does about everything there is to do) Lee Seung-Gi. I heard he lost a lot of weight for this role, and yes, it’s noticeable. And the lead female, Yeo Wool is played by  one of my favorite actress and singer Bae Suzy. She’s so pretty, especially when they don’t pile make-up on her, I mean, she’s pretty with makeup but pretty without, she’s just someone I envy. I think Suzy and Seung-Gi were great choices. I can’t wait for the rest of the drama, I want to see how this goes! So hopefully you want to go and check it out too. Hopefully, I don’t know how good my writing is, but just go and watch it, please!

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy

Gu Family Book

Kang Chi and Yeo Wool

Ok, that’s that for tonight, I will be back shortly to tell you about the second one. It’s late I have to sleep. I’ll give you guys three names for the next drama I want to talk about, if you have information, feel free to tell me, because I have little info on it also, I just like the cast.

Imagine Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa in a drama together. Yeah, I know right?

Lee Min HoPark Shin HyeJung Yong Hwa

Leave you on a good thought for tonight. 😀

Flower Boy Next Door Cast/Plot/Review

So, hi!

I lied, for like the 100th time in a row, sorry. I said that I was going to post about the drama “The Flower Boy Next Door”, I really wanted to post about it before the drama ended, but I never got the chance to. :c But regardless, here it is…finally. A good two months later, I’m so so so sooooo sorry again. But, I don’t think many people are reading, so many people probably weren’t waiting in the first place… This is more like a diary for myself kinda thing…(enough with the ranting!!!). So I believe this drama is in the same genre or group as the other “flower boy” stories. Such as “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” (I heard it was good) and “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” (I sister really liked this one). But I honestly haven’t seen the other two yet, so I couldn’t compare it for you. But let’s just say that “Flower Boy Next Door” is so cute and wonderful!

park shin hye

Park Shin Hye

First we have the character Go Dok Mi. She’s played by one of my favorite actress, Park Shin Hye. I think Park Shin Hye is so pretty and I just love her acting!

go dok mi

Go Dok Mi

Anyways, Go Dok Mi is a shy character who had a bad past with her peers and people not telling the truth and turning their backs on her. So now as an adult, she works as an editor from home and she tries not to use much money and doesn’t go out much. She likes to peek at a guy that lives in the building next to her.

The buildings are so close that they can practically see into one another’s place. But she gets up and goes around the day with his routine. She started admiring this stranger a while ago when she met him at the park. This guy from the next building is Han Tae Joon played by Kim Jung San.

Kim Jung San

Kim Jung San “Han Tae Joon”

yoon shi yoon

Yoon Shi Yoon

Tae Joon is a handsome doctor who helped adopt a dog. That dog is what ties Go Dok Mi to him. One days she sees the dog get hurt and run for help. That is when she met his younger brother, Enrique Keum or Que-Keum, played by Yoon Shi Yoon.



Enrique Que-Keum

Que-Keum is a young successful game designer. He is coming to Korea from Spain, and he planned to be there for a month. He reacts overly to situations and seems happy all the time, but deep inside he holds lots of secrets. (The dog turned out to be alright, don’t worry). The next day, Que-keum catches Go Dok Mi peeping into their apartment.

kim yoon hye

Kim Yoon Hye “Yoon Seo Yeon”

But the story isn’t just a triangle, no sir. It’s more like a complicated love “chain”. Because the story also involves a little bit of Que-Keum’s first love and I believe best friend, Yoon Seo Yeon, played by actress Kim Yoon Hye  He is trying to get over the fact that she is in love with his brother Tae Joon, though he tries to be a good sport.



oh jin rak

Oh Jin Rak/Oh Jae Won

kim ji hoon

Kim Ji Hoon

There is also another guy who has been watching Go Dok Mi (wow, this story isn’t that creepy, I promise you it’s not, with all the peeking and observing people from afar happening, it’s not like that, please!!!!). He’s very sweet to Dok Mi and tries hard to keep her comfortable. He’s had a crush on her ever since the first time he’s met her. He tries his hardest but gets pulled into a love triangle when Que Keum comes. This guy is her neighbor, Oh Jin Rak. I liked his role a lot, even though he got in the way of Enrique and Dok Mi sometimes, he never forced his feelings. Jin Rak was played by actor Kim Ji Hoon. I believe that story of the Flower Boy Next Door was supposed to be the same story of the webtoon he is working on. He is trying to reach his dreams of becoming a webtoon artist, and eventually we find out his little secret about who he really is.

cha do hwi

Cha Do Hwi


Park Soo Jin

And in love with Jin Rak is Dok Mi’s ex-best friend from high school, Cha Do Hwi. She had a misunderstanding with Dok Mi back in high school. And with that misunderstanding, she became the biggest bully to Dok Mi and ruined her life, causing Dok Mi to become like she is today. Cha Do Hwi is a pretty clever lady who owns a clothing store or a department store, I believe. She’s played by actress Park Soo Jin. She tries hard to get the perfect rich and good looking guy. And the guy that she chooses to chase after is none other than Oh Jin Rak. That’s when she realizes that Jin Rak and Dok Mi are neighbors, so in order to get closer to Jin Rak, she must also in a way get closer to Dok Mi, so she goes to Dok Mi and tries to restart a friendship like high school and its drama never happened. But I didn’t hate her character, like how I usually hate most antagonists. Through the drama we see that she is actually a good person (in a way). She had little confidence in high school, and gained confidence and many friends only after she betrayed her one true friend at the time.

dong hoon and company manager

Editor and Dong Hoon

go kyung pyo and kim seul gi

Kim Seul Gi and Go Kyung Pyo

And to make the story even better, there’s another handsome guy who lives with Oh Jin Rak. Dong Hoon. He is seen as a play boy with no care in the world who always goes out at night, but later on we see that he actually works really hard and when he goes out at night, it’s actually to work another job, not to play around. He starts to fall in love with the editor that’s in charge of their webtoon. The editor is a tired and grouchy young lady that never gets enough sleep. She seems mean at first, but as the story progress, she’s just very direct and considerate. The two gets closer because as he was working his night job (as a designated driver), Dong Hoon accidentally backs into a bigger company’s car. The editor goes to sign a paper stating that he will pay them back, if not…*dun dun dun*! :]  They are actually one of the reason I really liked the show, I looked forward to them, they were really cute. Although, she had bags under her eyes the whole drama. But that’s okay, because as Dong Hoon had put it in the drama, “her bags get cuter over time.” Hahaha. These two adorable characters are played by actor Go Kyung Pyo and actress/comedian Kim Seul Gi.



Mizuta Kouki

Mizuta Kouki

They also introduce to us an adorable Japanese guy, Wantanabe (I really didn’t dig this name much because everytime I heard it, it was like “Want-ta Na-be…wantnnabe….wannabe”…lol, that’s my train of thought). But he’s so so so very cute!!! He’s an aspiring chef from Japan. He’s in Korea trying to learn the Korean cuisine and plans to travel the whole world learning many different things. He also lives in the same apartment complex as our dear Dok Mi, Jin Rak and Dong Hoon. He is very social and holds cooking classes for the building, that’s where every gathers at, I loved the cooking scenes because those were the scenes where I got to see the whole cast. (Or most of them). He’s just so adorable!!! Played by Japanese actor Mizuta Kouki.

security guard love

Security Guard Love xD

There’s even one more love side story in here…I know there’s a lot. The whole drama, the identity of the owner of this apartment complex, with all the handsome guys, is kept a secret. Until the very end, we find it that it’s actually been the Mr. Security Guard who is the owner of the apartment. Throughout the whole drama, the security guard is trying to confess his love to a woman who lives in the complex, she also happens to live on the same floor as Dok Mi, Jin Rak, Dong Hoon and Wantanabe. But anyways, they’re so cute!

flower boys

Left to Right: Tae Joon, Enrique, Jin Rak, Wantanabe, Dong Hoon

A lot of things happened in this drama. I wish I could’ve finished this review earlier, but I hope you guys can find the time to go and watch this drama. It’s just one of my absolute favorite, because it’s so cute!!! Enrique’s character is so bubbly and happy that you can’t help but smile. And plus, you have an apartment full of handsome men like so —> .

You just know it’s gonna be good right? Now, go watch it! I’m telling you right now that it’s just the darnest thing… hehehe. And yes, I have the biggest crush on Yoon Shi Yoon. ><!

P.S. I’m being very visual posting many many many pictures… You gotta read. Hopefully I didn’t confuse you. Trust me, this all looked better when I was planning it.

Thanks and bye!

Go watch it and see you next time!

P.S.S (I think that’s how you do it): There’s two dramas that I have to watch next. It’s on my list and maybe it’ll be on yours too. What are they? Ehh, let me just make another post about it. This won’t take me two months, promise.

Coming Quickly Soon.!

I really love this new drama “The Flower Boy Next Door.” I also really want to write about it, but I don’t have the time just right now, like I’m about to go right into class. But come back soon, quickly, for I am going to have time later on today, and I shall write to my heart’s content!



P.S. I’ve fallen in love with Yoon Shi Yoon over these couple months. xDDD